PatScorpio (Our Main host for our Real Talk Podcasts)

  1. Attached selfie – Patrick Egolum
  2. Favorite Fight – Diego Corrales v Jose Luis Castillo 1
  3. Favorite 3 boxers (1 past, 2 current) – Pernell “Sweet Pea” Whitaker, Anthony Joshua, GGG
  4. Favorite Hip-hop artist – Big L
  5. Favorite hip hop producer – DJ Premier
  6. Favorite Movie – The Last Dragon
  7. Favorite Show – Law and Order SVU
  8. Favorite Anime – Fist of North Star
  9. Favorite Color – Red
  10. Favorite Food and favorite pizza topping. – Anything my mother cooks / Broccoli, Onions, Turkey Bacon or Steak

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Shutterworth the Goat Artist (co-host for our Real Talk and The Eye Test podcasts) and the creator of Bars and Boxing.

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PJ (co-host from The Eye Test podcast and boxing trainer)

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Clanarchy (UK based hip-hop producer, provided the instrumentals for the podcasts as well as numerous Bars and Boxing songs)

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Rome (frequent guest on our Real Talk podcasts and contributor to the Bars and Boxing and Training section)

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Prolific Genius1 (UK based video editor and the person behind the dope bars and boxing visuals.  Also runs the Ring Gang Tv accounts

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RTDeezy (UK based graphics photo and video editor)

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King P (Co-host on our Real Talk Podcasts and the host of Bodega Banter)

  1. Dario.Pagan (attached selfie)
  2. Favorite Fight: Trinidad vs. Vargas
  3. Favorite 3 boxers (1 past, 2 current): Roy Jones Jr, Keith Thurman, Terence Crawford
  4. Favorite Hip-hop artist: Nas
  5. Favorite hip hop producer: Pete Rock
  6. Favorite Movie: Goodfellas
  7. Favorite Show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
  8. Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball
  9. Favorite Color: Red
  10. Favorite Food and favorite pizza topping: Pizza,  Bacon

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Conscious Pilot (new Co-host on our Real Talk Podcasts)

Tavon Spiller

1. Favorite Fight – Hagler/Hearns War
2. Favorite 3 boxers (1 past, 2 current)-Felix Trinidad, Terence Crawford, Gary Antuanne Russell.
3. Favorite Hip-hop artist- Jay-Z
4. Favorite hip hop producer-Just Blaze
5. Favorite Movie- Dead Presidents
6. Favorite Show-The Wonder Years
7. Favorite Anime- Hajime no zippo
8. Favorite Color- Green
9. Favorite Food and favorite pizza topping- Chicken with White Sauce

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