This section is dedicated to boxing training and tactics.  Anything that can improve ones application of the sweet science will be found here. 

The Eyes in the Ring (Boxing Training)

What is seen to lead to making a call in the fight. We have all experienced it, seeing a fight. Watching the moves and decisions made during the 12 rounds of a boxing match (5 rounds for MMA and Muay Thai title bouts or 3 for an amateur bout for all three sports). The judges …

THE CENTER OF THE RING (Boxing Training)

If you’ve watched enough fights or been training a lot along with sparring and competition. You have probably heard the following statement or variations of it. “Hold the center of the ring” “Back to the center” “Stay off the ropes” A great piece of advice but let’s dig further into what is affected when it …


It is pretty obvious nowadays due to the pandemic access to certain luxuries or things taken for granted have now suddenly become limited if not completely closed entirely. When the gym leaves you on “read” With this new prospect of people working, communicating and collaborating remotely people are seeking solutions to being stuck at home …

THE LIVER SHOT (Boxing Training)

It is a punch seen in highlight reels for stoppages while not as immediate to see as a KO to the head. Instead the body shot has a more subtle and in some cases more devastating ending depending on how well the punch landed. Notice I said how well it landed and not how hard …

ANTICIPATION (Boxing Training)

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s no different in the fight game. You try and land something they’re gonna attempt to fire back aka a counter. Act too samey they’ll punish it every time, almost to a fault……So why not give them something to bite to get a better boon? …

Ring Gang Kombat (Mortal Kombat X inspired sparring)

Prolific Genius1 blessed us with this dope video game enhancement of Shutterworth and Rome sparring. Welcome to Ring Gang Kombat. The song playing is Doubleteam which is on the Tunnel Gang album Bars, Flows, and Soul. Out now on Spotify and all streaming platforms.

Boxing Training: More Light Sparring with Shutterworth and Rome

Shutterworth and Rome doing some light sparring for a couple of rounds. Background beat by Clanarchy

Boxing Training – How Holding Mitts Help You

Short clip from PJ the Fight Architect’s 1st seminar where he explains the importance of holding the mitts for other people.

Boxing Training – Having Right Hand Awareness

A clip from The Fight Architect PJ’s 1st seminar where he shows how to be aware of your right hand on offense and defense.

PJ ReBuild Your Game Seminar Promo

PJ The Fight Architect is here to rebuild your game. Oct 27th, 2019 Purchase tickets here.