Conor Benn vs Peter Dobson in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan

By Conscious Pilot

It was a nice Saturday on the strip. As I entered the Cosmopolitan, security definitely did their job all night long. I was able to find the fight pretty quickly. Got my media pass armband early and the fights were on!

The first fight featured Khalil Coe, an up and coming light heavyweight prospect who’s been showcased numerous times on Golden Boy broadcasts. He faced an undefeated Mexican fighter with 20 wins 18 of them by KO, by the name of Juan Osuna. I won’t lie, I expected a little bit of resistance from Osuna, but this was easy work for the talented and Power Coe. After some feeling out in the first round, Coe dominated him in the 2nd dropping him 3 times and the ref eventually waved it off. It was the best I’ve seen Coe look and I can’t wait to see him again.

Next fight was a heavyweight bout with a fan favorite in Johnny Fisher. This was my moment of realization that UK fans do travel because as that fight was starting between Fisher and Bezus, the crowd was getting hyped for Fisher. And for good reason! This easy work for Johnny Fisher, stopping Dmytro Bezus in the first round. I’m not entirely on Fisher’s upside but he’s a fan favorite and will get his chances to step up the heavyweight ranks. I’m sure of it.

In the Co-Main, we had Austin Ammo Williams against an undefeated fighter by the name of Armel Mbumba-Yassa. To the crowd, there were some moments of lulls. Not really boos, but you could tell they wanted more action as there is a lot of feeling out here. I appreciated the way Ammo took his time though because Mbumba-Yasa was there to win as a late replacement. Ultimately, Ammo Williams was able to find his openings. Dropping him in the 6th round and getting the stoppage in the 7th with a picture-perfect straight left. Ammo has continued to improve, showing his in-ring IQ. Was able to fight on the back foot, pressing the issue, fighting in mid-range, and mixing it up on the inside. It’s time for Ammo Williams to take a huge leap, he’s one of the best American middleweights we have, and it’s title time sooner than later!

The main event between Conor Benn and Peter Dobson was probably better in person than it was on TV. Benn looked crisp and athletic in the early rounds, with Dobson doing a pretty decent Philly shell shoulder roll defense. I would say Benn built up a 3-0 lead. However, Dobson started to find that overhand that just couldn’t miss. Dobson fought this fight in a lot of ways like friend of Ring Gang, Jonnie Rice, did Guido Vianello. Well minus the power. That overhand in mid rounds kept landing and landing. If Dobson had power, he may have dropped or hurt Benn badly. But he didn’t, and nor did Benn. The power Benn once possessed isn’t there and also that right hand can be so easily telegraphed. I will say Benn has solid fundamentals and knows how to use his athleticism. Also, he’s tough and that left hook and body jab is nice. I was actually very impressed with that left. Benn deserved the win, obviously it was a little wide but I’m not complaining. I do want to see Benn again, as well as Dobson.

All in all, it was a great day of boxing, a fun crowd, nice presentation, and some knockouts with a fun main event Matchroom and DAZN did a job with this!